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Squirrel Foods

Celebrating 4 Years of Squirrel Wisdom

Join us in celebrating and learning more about these incredible creatures!

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Celebrating and Learning

4 years ago, Kitty City Squirrels set out to share the magic of squirrels. Today, we’re grateful for your support and excited to continue our mission!

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Top-rated and trusted! Our Baby Squirrel Feeding Chart, recognized for its comprehensive approach, helps you introduce foods to young squirrels.

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Educating people to appreciate and respect squirrel life. We combine fun with learning, offering engaging guides and stories to bring you closer to these energetic critters.

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Driven by a love for wildlife, we aim to spread joy and knowledge, inviting you to join a community that cherishes the wonder of squirrels.

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Join Squirrel Specialist Maddy as she reveals the secrets of squirrel behavior! Our expert insights cover everything from health concerns to seasonal habits, making learning about these amazing creatures a fun adventure!

a squirrel laying on a tree limb do squirrels carry rabies

Do Squirrels Carry Rabies?

The Rabies Reality Check: What I Learned and Why You Shouldn’t Panic!

a baby squirrel peeking out of its drey showing that squirrels do not hibernate

Do Squirrels Carry Bubonic Plague?

The Historical Reality Check: What I Learned and Why Caution is Key!

a squirrel perched on a tree trunk at kitty city squirrels

Got Squirrel Questions?

Answer: Squirrels adapt! Their homes can vary depending on the species and available resources. They can be found in trees, burrows, attics, and even birdhouses!

Answer: Plague is rare in humans today, but. it still exists in wild rodents like squirrels (especially ground squirrels), chipmunks, and others in California and the southwest U.S. Reduce your risk by learning about plague, avoiding contact with these animals or their fleas, and be aware that flea bites can transmit the disease.

Answer: Squirrels are wild adventurers, not couch potatoes! Restricting their natural instincts in a pet setting can lead to stress and ethical concerns. Enjoy them in their natural habitat, not your home. ️

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Free Coloring Pages of Squirrels

Printable Squirrel Coloring Pages

Unleash your inner artist and color a squirrel friend!

a printable squirrel coloring pages

Turn Acorns into Action

Their survival is in our hands.

A squirrel ecosystem hanging upside down eating a nut

Attract a Backyard Buzz

Build an easy DIY squirrel feeder & watch nature come alive!

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