11 Nutty and Interesting Facts About Squirrels

Our furry little tree squirrel friends are just one part of a large family of squirrels (Sciuridae). Did you know that tree squirrels are related to prairie dogs, woodchucks, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels? Squirrels and their relatives can be found worldwide, such as in North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Let’s start briefly with squirrel classification and then on to the first of many interesting facts about squirrels.

Interesting Facts About Squirrels
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Suborder: Sciuromorpha
  • Family: Sciuridae

Where Did the Word Squirrel Come From

Did you know the word squirrel came from the old Greek word skiouros? The ancient Greeks loved their bushy tails, and skiouros means “shadow tail.” The Greeks observed squirrels placing their bushy tails raised against the backs and over their heads, casting a shadow over their eyes.

Interesting Facts About Squirrels - squirrel with tail over head
Bart, a resident here at Kitty City Squirrels

Squirrels in Many Languages

  • English – Squirrel
  • Spanish– Ardilla
  • Italian – Scoiattolo
  • German – Eichhörnchen
  • French – Écureuil
  • Polish – Wiewiórka
  • Portuguese – Esquilo

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat

Besides their well-known love of nuts, our bushy-tailed buddies also love to eat small insects, roots, tree bark, leaves, and acorns. Did you also know squirrels love to eat carrots?

  • Fox
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Flying

Squirrels usually collect and bury quite a few of their meals all year long, especially around Fall. When you notice them gathering their nuts right before the cold winter months, they are getting ready for winter.

Squirrels try and bury enough food to last them through the winter. Check out this article for more information on what squirrels like to eat.

Interesting facts about squirrels - Thailand park squirrel
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Did you already know the word squirrel came from the old Greek word skiouros? The ancient Greeks loved their bushy tails, and skiouros means “shadow tail.”

Many of us picture squirrels as cute brown critters with fluffy tails that love to eat acorns. Although members of the squirrel family look quite different.

Some squirrels are darker, like the Eastern Grey Squirrel, and some have white stripes on their back, like the Indian Palm Squirrels.

3 Types of Squirrels

There are over 200 different kinds of squirrels worldwide, categorized into three types: tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. Now that is a groovy squirrel fact.

A flying squirrel has a unique stretchy skin called the patagium that allows the squirrel to seem like it is flying through the air. The squirrel flew, rather gliding through the air.

interesting facts about squirrels - flying squirrel
Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels are very small and can fit into the palm of your hand, yet they can leap 150 feet. A spectacular accomplishment for a critter so small.

A squirrel the Size of a Teacup?

Did you know that a Squirrel is a little bigger than a teacup? The smallest in the squirrel family (Sciuridae) is the African pygmy squirrel, and when fully grown, is only about 4 inches or 10 centimeters tall!

Interesting facts about squirrels - pygmy squirrel
Pygmy Squirrel

How Long Is That Squirrel?

A giant squirrel called the Alpine Marmot can be up to 29 inches tall (73 centimeters). Wow, that is amazing! Alpine Marmots are fantastic diggers. They can easily dig their way through soil even a pickaxe may have trouble getting through.

Even more interesting is that they are in hibernation nine months out of the year.

alpine marmot
Alpine Marmot

Not all squirrels hibernate. To learn more about hibernation, check out this article, Do Squirrels Hibernate?

How Are They Similar

  • Squirrels have big front teeth. Did you know that squirrel incisors (the two top and bottom front teeth) grow throughout their lives? Wow, can you imagine if our teeth continued to grow?
  • These cute furry critters also have excellent eyesight and big, shiny eyes.
  • They also have long nails or claws to help them climb.

Squirrel Babies

Adult squirrels have excellent vision, but did you know that baby squirrels are blind and deaf at birth? Most squirrels usually open their eyes around 4-6 weeks, and their ears usually open around 3-4 weeks old.

How Many Babies Does a Squirrel Have?

Many mother squirrels can have two to eight babies at once. These young ones must also depend on their caring mother for food and drink (mainly milk).

For the first few weeks, momma squirrel feeds her babies every 2-4 hours. After a few months, the squirrels can hunt for food independently.

baby squirrel
@pipthebabysquirrel on IG

What are Baby Squirrels Called?

Baby squirrels are called kittens, the same as cats. Kittens are born twice a year. Usually, mommas give birth in spring, around March, and in the summertime, around July.

Squirrel Nests

Squirrels will usually start looking for or building a nest when they mate when they are about a year old. To learn more about squirrel nests, check out this article, The Ultimate Guide to Squirrel Nests.

Interesting Facts About Squirrels Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed 11 interesting facts about squirrels! Let us know in the comments below if you have an interesting fact you would like to share.

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