arctic squirrel - bart the eastern fox squirrel in space

Squirrel Scoop Insider: Arctic Squirrel Hibernation Secrets

Hold onto your acorns, because your favorite balcony squirrel correspondent Bart has breaking news from the squirrel kingdom! Those thumb-wielding walking sticks, also known as humans, are up to their sneaky ways again. Apparently, they’ve taken an interest in my arctic squirrel cousins’ incredible hibernation abilities and want to use them to help their own kind.

While SpaceX is busy launching rockets, scientists are studying these furry hibernation experts to develop new medical treatments and prepare for long space missions. They’re even trying to make a drug that can induce hibernation in humans – so we can nap our way to the stars!

But that’s not all, they’ve also discovered the secret genetic sauce that allows arctic squirrels to recycle muscle proteins and survive without food for eight whole months.

Who needs takeout when you’re a hibernating Arctic squirrel?

arctic squirrel - bart the eastern fox squirrel in space

Hibernation 101: Artic Rodents Teach NASA a Thing or Two

So, here is the Squirrel Scoop. NASA is funding some humans (yes, those strange beings that walk on two legs) to study how Arctic squirrels can hibernate for eight or nine months straight without turning into skinny squirrels.

These humans are hoping to learn how we squirrels can slow down our metabolism to a near standstill and still survive the harsh winter months. 

I mean, I could have told them it’s because we’re simply amazing, but I guess they need a little help from science to figure it out.

Humans in Hibernation

And get this, humans are participating in the research! I know, right? I mean, you humans can barely sit still for five minutes, let alone hibernate for months on end.

Good luck with that, NASA

What Does Nasa Hope to Learn?

They think our hibernation techniques could help those who are critically ill. The humans are hoping to learn how to put sick people into hibernation to save their lives.

Can you imagine a world where doctors could put humans into hibernation to buy more time in emergency situations? Emergency rooms would be transformed into little burrows, and doctors would just tuck people in for a long winter’s nap.

It’s like a sci-fi movie, but with more snoring.

Arctic Squirrels Are Stealing the Show (and Maybe Your Snacks)

As for us squirrels, I’m hoping this newfound attention and recognition of our hibernation talents means more nuts in our future. I mean, it’s only fair, right? One can only hope!

Let’s face it, our quirky cousins, the arctic squirrels, are basically the world champions of hibernation. 

In any case, if you humans do decide to give hibernating a try, you better stock up on acorns because you are going to need a lot of them to get through the winter.

The Balcony Squirrel Blues

As a humble balcony tree squirrel who doesn’t hibernate, I can’t help but feel a little jealous of all the attention these Arctic squirrels are getting.

But hey, maybe one day us tree squirrels will have our moment in the sun – or rather, in the shade of a nice oak tree.

So, what makes Arctic ground squirrels so special when it comes to hibernation? Below you’ll find some fascinating facts about their amazing abilities.

I’ll just keep hoarding acorns and dreaming of the day when balcony tree squirrels are the talk of the town. Or at least the talk of the balcony.

Squirrel Scoop Insider

Squirrel Scoop Insider

Reporting live from the balcony, this is Bart the squirrel signing off. Stay nutty, my friends and remember to stay one step ahead of the neighborhood cats.

Arctic Squirrel FAQs & Hibernation Hacks

  • Arctic ground squirrels are like the ultimate chillers: they can lower their body temperature below freezing during hibernation! Who needs a freezer when you’re an Arctic ground squirrel?
  • During hibernation, their heart rate drops to as low as 3 beats per minute. Talk about slowing down for the winter!
  • These ground squirrels are experts at conserving energy during hibernation. They can lower their metabolic rate to just 1% of their normal rate, which is like going into ultra power-saving mode.
  • Not only can Arctic ground squirrels survive freezing temperatures, they can also prevent muscle and bone loss during hibernation. It’s like they have their own built-in gym and personal trainer, but without any effort required!

Hibernation Bootcamp

  • Arctic ground squirrels are like little hoarders in the summer, storing up lots of fat to snack on during hibernation. They’re basically the Marie Kondos of the animal kingdom – they know how to stockpile!
  • When it comes to building their burrows, they are like real estate moguls. They construct special burrows that help regulate their body temperature, like having their own personal air conditioning system. Talk about smart investing!
  • Arctic ground squirrels are masters of transformation – like a superhero getting ready for battle. They undergo several physiological changes in preparation for hibernation, kind of like putting on their “hibernation suit” to get ready for the long sleep ahead.

Nap and Nibble Hibernation Cycle

  • When it comes to sleeping in, ground squirrels take the cake – their hibernation cycle typically lasts for 7-8 months, making them the ultimate nap-takers of the animal kingdom.
  • During hibernation, Arctic ground squirrels are like hungry sleepwalkers – they periodically wake up to eat stored food and warm up their bodies. It’s like a midnight snack run, but with way more sleeping involved.
  • Hibernation in ground squirrels is like a real-life game of freeze tag – it’s not a continuous state, but rather a cycle of torpor and arousal. They’re basically playing a giant game of “freeze” with Mother Nature!
  • When it comes to surviving in low-oxygen environments, Arctic ground squirrels are like little oxygen ninjas – scientists are studying how they do it to develop treatments that can help human tissues survive, too.


  1. Oh no!!!! What would we do without squirrels in those 7-8 months? ?I definitely would not be a happy camper.? However, this was a great post and found it fascinating. Thanks for sharing. ?

  2. Oh no!!! What would we do without squirrels for 7-8 months??? ??I would not be happy at all. ?? However, I did find this post very interesting. Thanks for sharing Bart. ?

  3. This article was so interesting. To hibernate all that time without food. Imagine the possibilities. This was really loaded with interesting information.

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