do squirrels eat carrots - find out the answer right now

Do Squirrels Eat Carrots? Find out the Truth Right Now

So, do squirrels eat carrots and other vegetables? Whether or not they actually like the taste of carrots is what is up for debate. I’m almost 100% certain squirrels prefer nuts over any other food. If you are looking for a few possible explanations behind the mystery of their carrot eating habits, then this article is for you.

squirrel bridge longview wa

Squirrel Bridge Longview WA: The Best Kept Secret

New York has the Brooklyn Bridge, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, and Longview, Washington has the Nutty Narrows Bridge. We have all seen walkways and bridges over busy roads and expressways but…..

do squirrels mate for life

Do Squirrels Mate For Life? Find Out Right Now

One Question that has Been Heavily Debated by Researchers and Wildlife Experts is “Do Squirrels Mate for Life?” Lets Explore Some Facts on this Fascinating Question Everyone Seems to Ask.

do squirrels like fruit - squirrel eating orange


A Squirrel’s Ideal Diet Includes Mainly a Combination of Nuts, Fungi, Berries, Fruit, Bark, and Tree Sap. So, Do Squirrels Like Fruit? You Bet They Do!