difference between a rat and a mouse - Rat vs Mouse

Difference Between a Rat and a Mouse? Proven Answers

Both rodents (rats and mice) belong to the family of Sciuridae, which means “tree-climbing” in Latin. It can be difficult to distinguish between a rat and a mouse. It is true that many people are aware of the differences between mice and rats;

why do squirrels nip off branches - delmarva fox squirrel sitting on branch

Why Do Squirrels Nip Off Branches – What’s REALLY Happening?

The fox squirrel dashed up the tree, its little claws scrambling on the rough bark. Reaching the top, it stopped and looked around before nipping off a small branch. So why do squirrels nip off branches? Because eating tree bark can help protect squirrels from certain diseases, reduce stress levels, and keep their teeth healthy. … Read more

are squirrels rodents - fox squirrel in tree

Are Squirrels Rodents? Here’s What You Need to Know Today!

‍Are Squirrels Rodents? Yes, they are rodents. Squirrels are small mammals that belong to the order of Rodentia. There are more than 1300 species of rodents found all over the world except for Antarctica and a few remote islands. Keep reading to find out more information to your question-are squirrels rodents? Photo by Alexas_Fotos on … Read more

pregnant squirrel - featured image

5 Signs of Pregnant Squirrels: All You Need to Know

Do you have a wild squirrel friend and want to know if she is going to be a momma squirrel soon? If so, this blog post is for you! This post will help you recognize the five most common signs of pregnant squirrels. Keep reading to learn more information. Signs of Pregnant Squirrels Look for … Read more

do chipmunks have tails

Do Chipmunks Have Tails? – The Short Answer is Yes

Chipmunks are small rodents that are found in North America. They have short and stocky bodies, with short legs. They have striped, brown fur, short tails and snout, pointy faces and small black eyes. Their tails are bushy and fluffy at the base and becoming thinner towards the tip. If you are curious about other … Read more

life expectancy of a squirrel - squirrel on rock

What is the Life Expectancy of a Squirrel?

Squirrels can live anywhere from a few years to over 15 years. It all depends on the squirrel and its living conditions. These crafty creatures have managed to thrive across the globe, regardless of their habitat and climate. Squirrels are quick learners, adaptable problem solvers, and key members of the ecosystem in many regions. If … Read more

why do squirrels nip off branches - Eastern grayquirrel on branch with berries

Do Squirrels Eat Lettuce: A Bonanza Garden Picnic

Do squirrels eat lettuce? As you may know, these small mammals are known to be extremely resourceful and opportunistic. More than any other animal, they can survive in all kinds of environments and food sources. So, what do squirrels eat? Squirrels Adapt to Their Environment Their diet is mostly made up of nuts, fruits, seeds, … Read more

black maine coon - black cat and yellow eyes

Black Maine Coon Cat: Discover this Majestic & Exotic Breed

Black Maine Coon cats are friendly and love people. They have playful personalities, and intelligent minds and they get along with other pets. These majestic beauties make a great house cat and companion. Read on as we walk you through the different color variations, sizes, and behaviors. We’ll also share some tips on caring for … Read more

Scottish-Fold-Munchkin-Cat grey fur

Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat: What You Need to Know

A Scottish Fold Munchkin cat is an adorable mix of the Scottish Fold and Munchkin cats, creating one of the cutest breeds. Besides their looks, they have exceptional personalities too! Let’s look at everything there is to know about these adorable fuzzballs. Why a Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat? There are many reasons Scottish Fold cats … Read more