Listen, Are You Able to Hear this Fox Squirrel Barking

Listen, Are You Able to Hear this Fox Squirrel Barking

When we think of barking, most people think about dogs first. You might be surprised to know there are more animals than just dogs that bark. Some wild animals that bark include birds, deer, monkeys, and a favorite of mine, squirrels. But, what is the reason animals bark? Really, there is one simple explanation. In most instances, a fox squirrel barking is trying to protect themselves from approaching danger.

Why Do Squirrels Bark

A barking fox squirrel is sounding the alarm to warn other squirrels of predators like dogs and people. The squirrel will first wave its tail usually pointing in the direction of the predator.

Squirrels are on the lookout for threats from the sky and on the ground below. When they spot a predator like a cat, dog, or a hawk, they’ll make a series of barking alarm calls. A “kuk” is a short repetitive barking sound and a “quaa” is a longer version of a “kuk.” The predator alarm call is usually several “kuks” followed by a “quaa.”

Fox Squirrel Barking - squirrel on alert
Fox Squirrel on Alert

Do Squirrels Make Other Sounds Besides Barking

Squirrels may appear little and quiet but they are quite vocal critters. There are multiple sounds that squirrels make when they are communicating with each other. The intensity of the sound they make differs by species. You will find that some of the species are more vocal than others and have their own specific set of recognizable sounds. The volume and type of sound made, largely depend on age, gender, and circumstance.

Now You Know Why Squirrels Bark

The squirrel’s vocal sounds help them talk or communicate with other squirrels to let them know there is a threat. Also, the warning is to scare off potential predators.

The barking alarm call is important to squirrels and is vital to help them survive for many years in the wild.

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Fox Squirrel Barking Video

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