Keep Squirrels Away Fruit Trees | Tips You Need To Know

Squirrels in the yard provide hours of endless entertainment. They are the circus daredevils of the trees leaping from one branch to the other effortlessly. While squirrels are undoubtedly fun to watch, the truth is they can cause significant damage to fruit trees. Below is more information on how you can keep squirrels away fruit trees edition.

keep squirrels away fruit trees
keep squirrels away fruit trees - squirrel on crabtree

How Can I Keep Squirrels Away From Fruit Trees?

Squirrels have a knack for raiding fruit trees, but there are ways to deter them. Using barriers like netting, employing motion-activated devices, or offering alternative food sources can help protect your precious fruits.

Methods to Keep Squirrels Away Fruit Trees

Food Removal

This trick is the simplest way to deter squirrels and other animals from fruit trees. Suggestion number one is to remove any food or water near the tree; removing any cover or shelter is also helpful.

Feed Pets Indoors

It is best to feed household pets indoors rather than leaving their food outdoors, so other critters aren’t attracted to the area. These slight modifications are the start of discouraging animals from breeding and eating the tree fruit.

Metal Guards

Placing a metal guard about two feet up from the tree’s base will help keep squirrels from climbing the tree trunk. Sheet metal is an ideal material to use because it bends easily and is pretty weather-proof.

Purchase sheet metal or very slippery plastic 12-18 inches wide.  Wrap the metal around the trunk (starting 4+ feet off the ground) and fasten the metal to itself, not to the tree.  Critters who previously climbed your tree starting from the ground will not be able to get past the slippery metal barrier.

keep squirrels away fruit trees
Metal Guard

Mothballs in Pantyhose

Hang mothballs in foot-long lengths of knee-high nylon hose in several places around the tree, especially near the heaviest clusters of fruit. Also, sprinkle a few around the base of the tree.

You may also like these non-toxic squirrel repellent balls as an alternative to mothballs.

More Methods to Keep Squirrels Away Fruit Trees

Remove Shelter Away From the tree

Removing any cover or Shelter near the tree is also helpful, and trimming any brush near the fruit trees reduces nesting sites and cover for birds.

Water Availability

Maintain and repair all leaking sprinklers and faucets, and empty any container that can hold water near the tree.

Peppermint Squirrel Repellent

Many animals despise the smell of mint, especially squirrels. Some people have had success with planting mint right under the fruit trees.

Another option is to make a peppermint or spearmint essential oil and water blend. Use a spray bottle to apply the mixture on the base of trees and shrubs. The downfall to using the spray is the need to reapply periodically every seven days and after it rains.

DIY Peppermint or Essential Oil Mixture

Plant Alternatives to Mint

Mustard, nasturtiums, and marigolds are plants you can place around the fruit trees to create a no trespassing zone. Squirrels are less likely to cross into the area.

mustard plant
Mustard plant
Nasturtium plant
Nasturtium plant
Marigold plant
Marigold plant

Hot Sauce Squirrel Repellent to Keep Squirrels Away Fruit Trees

Another home remedy squirrels despise is because they are susceptible to hot peppers; the furry little critters don’t like capsaicin, the ingredient in the hot peppers. Like the essential oil mixture, you must apply the hot pepper spray after it rains.

keep squirrels away fruit trees
hot peppers

There are commercially prepared products, but they consist of harsh chemicals that may be fatal to squirrels and other animals and are not environmentally friendly. Spray your fruit trees using a spray bottle with this hot sauce mixture. The choice to use a homemade squirrel repellent is best because commercially prepared repellents contain harsh chemicals, are environmentally unfriendly, and are often fatal to squirrels and other animals.

This preparation will not harm squirrels, only deter. Pour ingredients into a spray bottle.

Cynthia’s Special Sauce Squirrel Repellent Recipe

  • 1 cup of water (237 ml’s)
  • 1/4 cup of siracha sauce (59 ml’s)

Place mixture in a spray bottle and spray on areas to detour squirrels. This information is provided by @CynthiaPeterson2015 on Instagram. Let us know if you have had success with this recipe or any of the other suggestions.

DIY Hot Sauce Squirrel Repellent Recipe

Keep Squirrels Away Fruit Trees -Provide Another Food Source

This concept is similar to sacrificing the fruit of one tree to save the fruit of the others. If you provide a food source for the squirrels, they may be less inclined to take the fruit from the fruit trees. Providing a squirrel feeder gives easy access to food, and please remember to place the squirrel feeder away from the fruit trees. Take a look at these quality-constructed squirrel feeders from Back2Nature Wood.

Provide a Squirrel Home

Providing an alternative home such as a nesting box for squirrels and other small critters away from the fruit trees is also ideal. Take a look at these homes created by Back2NatureWood that provide safety from predators, warmth, and shelter from extreme weather. We love squirrels for their entertaining behavior; they also have an important ecological role, especially in forest ecosystems. Mounting a nesting box away from fruit trees is a great way to show our furry friends we care and still have your fruit and eat it too!

Bonus Tip to Keep Squirrels Away Fruit Trees

Non-Toxic Remedy to Keep Insects Away From Fruit Trees

Kaolin clay sprays are an essential organic orchard strategy used after petal fall to repel many pest insects and protect trees from sunburn and high temperatures.  The kaolin clay acts as a repellent for certain insects to land, fee, and lay eggs by making the fruit tree an undesirable environment. The tiny clay particles disguise the target fruit. The particles also clog the insects’ eyes, ears, and reproductive organs, including pear psylla, codling moth, European apple sawfly, oriental fruit moth, tufted apple bud moth, apple maggot, white apple leafhopper, and plum curculio.

Directions for Kaolin Clay for Garden Use

  1. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 lb (approximately 3 cups) of Surround WP per one gallon of water. If your sprayer is not easy to shake, premix in a container and pour the mixture into a manual backpack sprayer or battery operated backpack sprayer.
  2. Add the powder slowly to approximately 1/4 of the water you will be using, stir and mix well by shaking vigorously for 30 seconds.
  3. Add the remaining water and shake for an additional 30 seconds.
  4. Shake the sprayer occasionally during application because of the settling of the clay.
  5. Thoroughly coat all leaf and fruit surfaces until they appear white.
  6. When finished, spray until the container is empty and flush the system. Leftover mix can be stored at room temperature. Use within 2 weeks to avoid spoilage. Rinse the sprayer thoroughly when finished and again before mixing or spraying the next batch.

Wrapping Up

You now have several options to keep squirrels away from your fruit trees and how to create a DIY squirrel deterrent using household ingredients like water, cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and dish soap. Getting squirrels away from your fruit trees is now more accessible than ever before. Check out this article if you would like to know what kind of fruits squirrels can eat. If you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you, please comment below or use our contact form.

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  1. Sriracha sauce worked for me, 1/4 cup to 1 cup water ? in a spray bottle. Spray where you want them to stay away from.

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