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I Rescued Four Baby Red Squirrels “The Squirrels & Me”

Wildlife photographer Dani Connor was photographing red squirrels in Sweden when she discovered four baby orphaned squirrels. In this beautiful 30-minute short film she made, titled The Squirrels & Me, Connor shares how she rescued the baby squirrels and then befriended a family of them.


In June 2020, Connor was saddened to find that one of the female squirrels she had become acquainted with, which she named “Remy,” had been struck and killed by a car on the road through the nearby village. Dani was photographing Remy and it turned out she was the mother. Worried that her babies wouldn’t survive, Connor visited the forest to bring them seeds and nuts. Soon, she was able to call them from the trees. She named them Baby PearBaby MoominCheburashka, and Little Flame.