Seeing A Black Squirrel Meaning and Secrets Revealed

Are you looking out your window and seeing black squirrels everywhere? We’ve got you covered if you wonder what a black squirrel means. There are many variations of these furry critters, and depending on where you live, seeing a black squirrel meaning is more profound than what meets the eye. We’ll dive into what a black squirrel means and how to interpret it based on cultures around the world.

Seeing A Black Squirrel Meaning - black squirrel eating a peanut

The Meaning Behind Seeing a Black Squirrel

Seeing a black squirrel is often considered a sign of good luck. They are rare, and the uniqueness of their appearance has led to a belief that spotting one can bring positive things your way. Keep in mind, this is a cultural belief rather than a scientific fact.

Symbolism of the Color Black

Black is a very powerful and meaningful color. It can be a sign of healing, prosperity, or even rebellion. It all depends on who you are and what you stand for. It can bring about good luck, change, and a fresh start to your life.

On the other hand, it can also represent darkness, evil, and even death in certain cultures. This is why the meaning behind a black squirrel will vary from person to person.

The color is often associated with the sun, fire, and even the Earth. This can be a sign of growth and new beginnings for many people. Black is all about change, prosperity, and abundance. Surprisingly, even though the color black can bring about negative feelings, it’s mostly considered a cheerful color.

Seeing A Black Squirrel Meaning - black squirrel

Black Squirrel Reproduction

It’s interesting to know that black squirrels are eastern gray squirrels with a genetic condition called Melanism and not a different variety or species.

Black Squirrel Genetics

Two gray squirrels cannot produce black offspring because melanism is a genetic mutation rather than a normal variation of a pigmentation gene.

If a black squirrel and a gray squirrel mate, the offspring might be brownish-black if they inherit the pigmentation gene that has mutated from the gray parent.

It is not common for two black squirrels to have gray offspring, but if they do, they will only have one copy of the mutated gene.

If both the black squirrels are brownish-black, they only have one copy of the gene; the offspring might be gray. The offspring can receive two copies of a normal pigmentation gene, resulting in a standard gray color.

Now, let’s get into what seeing a black squirrel is all about in different cultures.

Seeing a Black Squirrel Meaning: Eastern Culture

In Asian culture, the color black is connected to death and mourning. The color black signifies a grieving period when the loved ones lost during the passing of Buddha were given black garments as a sign of respect.

Seeing A Black Squirrel Meaning - black squirrel eating a peanut

The Color Black Sometimes Means Evil and Darkness

The color black is also connected to evil and darkness in some Eastern cultures. In China, black cat wards off evil, and blackbirds are messengers of God from the dead.

Black Squirrels Are a Sign of Good Fortune

However, this doesn’t mean black squirrels are evil or bring death. Ironically, if you see a black squirrel, it’s believed that you will be granted a wish for the rest of your life. This could be anything from financial stability to good health or even love.

Black squirrels in Asia also bring prosperity to those who see them. They are considered good luck and are believed to bring good fortune to the home. If a black squirrel crosses your path, you will be bestowed with good luck and wealth for the rest of your life.

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Seeing a Black Squirrel Meaning: Western Culture

Since the color black is connected to evil in Eastern culture, you may wonder if the same rule applies in Western societies. The answer to that question is “sort of.” Western cultures connect the color black with evil, mourning, death, and luxury or upper class.

The Color Black – Death and Mourning

Black has many connections to death and mourning in Western cultures. It’s used to honor the deceased and show respect for those who have passed.

The Color Black – Express Feelings

However, it’s also a color used to express extreme feelings. This could be anything from joy to anger or even sadness.

The Color Black – Luxury or Upper Class

Western cultures believe that the color black is connected to the upper class in many ways. This is because they thought the color black was limited to the upper class to keep the sun out of their homes. It’s believed that the sun’s rays are harmful to the skin, so they would wear black clothing to shield themselves from harm.

Seeing A Black Squirrel Meaning - black squirrel holding a rock

Black Squirrels Mean Good Luck

Black squirrels in Western cultures are said to be a sign of good luck. They represent prosperity, fertility, and change. Black squirrels are often seen as a sign of good luck for young couples trying to conceive.

Seeing a Black Squirrel Meaning: Aboriginal Culture

Black squirrels represent change, fertility, good fortune, and wisdom in Aboriginal cultures. If a black squirrel crosses your path, it’s said that good luck and prosperity will follow you for the rest of your life. There is also a belief that black squirrels are messengers from the spirit world.

Pauli’s video courtesy of @AndreaBethDillion on IG

Depending on where you live, a black squirrel could signify many different things. From change and wisdom to good luck and prosperity, the purpose behind a black squirrel is up to you!

So, What Does it Mean When You See a Black Squirrel?

Seeing a black squirrel could signify that you must look at things differently and understand that everything is somehow interconnected.

It could signify that you must open your mind and think outside the box.

Black squirrels are also a sign that change is coming into your life and that negative things must be let go of.

Black Squirrel FAQ

  1. Q: What is a black squirrel? A: A black squirrel is a melanistic variant of a squirrel species, usually the Eastern gray squirrel or the fox squirrel. The black coloration is due to an increased presence of melanin, a pigment responsible for the dark fur color.
  2. Q: Where can a black squirrel be found? A: A black squirrel can be found in various regions of North America, primarily in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. They can also be found in small populations throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries where they have been introduced.
  3. Q: Is a black squirrel a separate species from gray or fox squirrels? A: No, a black squirrel is not a separate species. It is a color variant of the Eastern gray squirrel or the fox squirrel, depending on the region.
  4. Q: Does a black squirrel have any advantages or disadvantages compared to other squirrels? A: A black squirrel may have some advantages and disadvantages compared to its non-melanistic counterparts. The darker fur can help with heat retention in colder climates, and it may provide better camouflage in densely shaded habitats. However, in areas with less dense foliage, the black coloration could make them more visible to predators.
  5. Q: Does a black squirrel have a different diet than other squirrels? A: No, a black squirrel has the same diet as its non-melanistic counterparts. It primarily consumes nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, fungi, and insects, depending on the availability of food sources in its habitat.
  6. Q: Are black squirrels more aggressive than other squirrels? A: There is no scientific evidence to suggest that a black squirrel is more aggressive than gray or fox squirrels. Individual behavior can vary, but the black coloration does not inherently make them more aggressive.
  7. Q: Are black squirrels rare? A: Black squirrels are less common than their gray or fox counterparts, but their rarity depends on the region. In some areas, they may be relatively common, while in others, they may be harder to find.

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  1. So excited after feeding birds for many years and recently 3 squirrels, today a Black Squirrel showed up to feed with the birds and regular squirrels that visit every morning and early evening. I was fortunate to get several videos of it. I was very excited to see it and hope it continues to return.

    1. Thank you so much Louretta for sharing your story! That is so exciting to see a black squirrel. You beat me to it. I have yet to see one in person.
      Much appreciated,

  2. I happened to see a black squirrel today and my backyard and I was very excited that was the first time I’ve seen a black squirrel it was beautiful

    1. How lucky you are Claudia to have seen a black squirrel! I have not seen one in person. May lots of good luck come your way!

      We appreciate you sharing your experience and supporting the Kitty City Squirrels website.


        1. Hello Jennifer,
          We love that you shared your rare moment with us! Also thank you for supporting the Kitty City Squirrels website. Here’s to many more black squirrel sightings. We’re jealous 🙂

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