Stop Squirrel Digging in Your Garden: Tips and Tricks

Hold on to your acorns, folks, because we’re about to go on a wild ride through the world of squirrels! These furry little critters are a constant source of entertainment, with their hilarious antics and head-scratching digging habits. From backyard gardens to sprawling parks, squirrels are always up to something. So, let’s grab our shovels and dig into the world of squirrel digging.

squirrel digging - red squirrel in a flower garden

Do Squirrels Dig Holes?

Of course, squirrels dig holes! They’re like tiny lumberjacks, chopping away at the earth to make room for their buried treasures. They have a nose for finding the perfect spot to dig and a paw that packs the dirt with the precision of a seasoned contractor. If you ever need a hole dug in your backyard, just call up the local squirrel union, and they’ll send their best digger to get the job done.

Why Do Squirrels Dig Holes?

Squirrels are notorious for their digging habits, and it’s not uncommon to see them frantically burrowing into the soil in your yard. But have you ever stopped to wonder why they do this? The reasons may surprise you! From searching for food to creating homes, squirrels have a variety of motivations for their digging behavior. So, let’s grab our shovels and dig in!

squirrel digging - squirrel in snow
squirrel digging in the snow

Squirrel Foraging – Seeking Food

Squirrels are always on the hunt for food, and squirrel digging is one way they find it. They may be searching for nuts, seeds, insects, or even plants and flowers to eat. If you have a garden or fruit trees in your yard, squirrels may be attracted to them and engage in squirrel digging in the soil to find their next meal.

Creating a Home

Tree squirrels are known for building nests in trees, but ground squirrels may also dig holes in the ground to create a home. If they find a comfortable spot in your yard, they may start digging to create a burrow. This can be a problem if the burrow is too close to your home or if you don’t want squirrels living in your yard.

squirrel digging - squirrel nest
squirrel nest

Storing Food – Squirrel Hoarding Behavior

Squirrels are hoarders by nature, and they will store food for the winter months. They often bury nuts and seeds in the ground and remember where they are by using landmarks or their sense of smell. If you see a squirrel digging in your yard, it may be looking for a place to bury its stash of food.

Seeking Entertainment

Who would have thought that squirrels have a sense of humor? Apparently, they do! It turns out that squirrels might dig just for the sake of it – they’re like little gardeners who love to play in the dirt. Maybe they’re bored or looking for a good laugh.

Who knows, maybe they even have their own version of “extreme gardening” where they try to dig the deepest hole possible just for the thrill of it. So, if you see a squirrel digging away in your yard without a care in the world, don’t be too quick to judge – they might just be having a little fun!

squirrel digging - albino squirrel
albino squirrel

Squirrel-Proofing Your Yard

No matter why a squirrel is digging in your yard, it’s important to take steps to minimize any potential damage. Here are some tips:

  • Remove any potential food sources, such as bird seed or fallen fruit.
  • Use natural squirrel repellant and deterrents, such as planting herbs that squirrels don’t like, or using repellents that are safe for pets and the environment.
  • Create barriers, such as fencing or netting, to keep squirrels out of certain areas of your yard.
  • If you don’t want ground squirrels living in your yard, prevent squirrel damage by discouraging them from creating a burrow by filling in any holes they’ve dug and covering the area with rocks or other landscaping materials.


In conclusion, squirrels are not only fascinating but also quite mischievous creatures. From hiding their stash of nuts to searching for a new home, they always seem to have a reason for their digging habits. And let’s not forget about their love for entertainment – who knew digging in the dirt could be so fun for them?

But don’t worry, with a little understanding and effort, you can learn to live harmoniously with these playful creatures. You can provide them with a squirrel-friendly environment, like putting up a bird feeder or planting squirrel-friendly trees and plants. Just be sure to take necessary precautions to protect your garden or home from any potential damage.

So next time you catch a squirrel digging in your yard, remember they’re just doing what squirrels do best – being themselves!

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  1. ?? Dig-dig, pat-pat! I’ve noticed that my squirrels will sometimes dig a hole while holding a ? nut of some kind in its mouth stop, and go to another place and dig again stop, and go to a third place to actually bury said nut. It’s to deceive any onlookers ?? who may be watching from a high tree ? branch. Right now, there’s holes ? all over my backyard!

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