White Squirrels Of Kenton, TN: A Unique and Beloved Population

Move over, unicorn frappuccinos – there’s a rare and magical creature in town, and it’s not found at your local Starbucks. We’re talking about the white squirrels of Kenton, Tennessee – a beloved population that’s captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. So buckle up and get ready to discover everything you ever wanted to know (and maybe a few things you didn’t) about the one and only white squirrels of Kenton.

white squirrels of kenton tn

The Furry Tailed Legend of Kenton’s White Squirrels

Did you know that Kenton is home to over 200 white albino squirrels? That’s right, these little guys are the toast of the town, and they’ve been frolicking around in the parks and trees of Kenton for as long as anyone can remember.

When we asked about the white squirrels that other towns boast about, the locals here were quick to set the record straight. “Our squirrels have been here the longest,” they told us. Rumor has it, the squirrels were left by a traveling circus back in 1869. That’s three whole years before the town was even founded!”

These little furry critters are so important to the town that they’ve even earned their own special place in local businesses and street names. And don’t even think about messing with them! Anyone who annoys a white squirrel risks a stiff fine.

Nut-loving Ninjas to Fruity Foodies: Habitat and Diet of White Squirrels!

White squirrels in Kenton are basically the acrobats of the park. These little daredevils are agile climbers and can be found leaping and bounding from tree to tree like they’re starring in their very own action movie.

And don’t even think about telling these squirrels what to eat! They’re known for their unique dietary habits that change with the season. In the spring and summer, they’re all about the fruits, seeds, and nuts. But come fall and winter, it’s all about the nuts, acorns, and seeds.

In other words, these squirrels know how to feast like champions no matter what time of year it is. So if you ever see a white squirrel in Kenton, just know that it’s probably on a mission to find the next big feast. And you might want to stand back because these little guys are not afraid to take some risks to get their paws on the good stuff!

Protecting the Pearly-White Royalty – White Squirrels of Kenton

When it comes to protecting Kenton’s white squirrels, the town doesn’t mess around. These little critters are more than just a cute and cuddly symbol – they’re a way of life!

That’s why Kenton has gone all-out to make sure the white squirrel population is thriving. They’ve planted trees, maintained habitats, and even started educating the public about the importance of preserving the natural world. It’s like a full-on squirrel revolution!

And if that wasn’t enough, Kenton has even established breeding programs to ensure that the white squirrel population continues to grow. These squirrels are like royalty, and the town is determined to make sure they’re treated as such.

So the next time you’re in Kenton, just know that you’re in the presence of some seriously important animals. And don’t even think about getting in their way – these squirrels have a whole town behind them, and they’re not afraid to use it!

what color is a squirrel - albino squirrel
Angel, the Albino squirrel courtesy of @catsilvaphotography on IG

Genetics 101: The Wacky Biology Behind Kenton’s White Squirrels

If you’ve ever seen a white squirrel, you might be thinking, “What the heck is that?!” But fear not – these little fluff balls are just a genetic mutation of the fox or gray squirrel. Think of them as the quirky, white-haired cousin of the squirrel world.

This mutation causes a lack of pigmentation in their fur, which makes them stand out like a snowball in a pile of leaves.

However, Albino squirrels are different from white squirrels and are a rare sight to behold – these little critters have albinism, which means they lack pigmentation in their fur and appear a pale white color, and have pink sometimes blue eyes. On the other hand, white squirrels are not true albinos and have pigmented eyes, which are usually black.

Why are Albino Squirrels Eyes Pink?

Have you ever wondered why the albino squirrel’s eyes are such a strange color? Well, prepare to be delighted by this fun fact: albino squirrels have pink or red eyes!

That’s right, due to the lack of pigment in their eyes, the blood vessels become more visible, giving them a rosy hue. It’s like they’re blushing from all the attention they get for their unique appearance.

Health Concerns

But as with any genetic mutation, there are some potential health concerns. White and albino squirrels can be more susceptible to skin cancer, which is not a laughing matter. So while we may giggle at their odd appearance, it’s important to remember that they need protection and care, just like any other animal.

So the next time you see a white albino squirrel in Kenton, give them a wave and a smile. They may look a little different, but they’re still an important part of the animal kingdom. And who knows – maybe one day we’ll see pink, purple, or even neon-green squirrels running around! (Okay, probably not, but we can dream, right?)

Sugar, the Most Famous White Squirrel of Kenton’s City Streets

Get outta town, Taylor Swift – Kenton’s got its own squad of furry superstars, and they’re shaking it off in style! One of the biggest names in the game was Sugar, the white squirrel who stole hearts and minds all across town.

Sugar was a true trailblazer, blazing a path of cuteness and charm wherever he went. Like the Beyoncé of the squirrel world, he had a loyal following of fans and admirers. People would come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of him, hoping for a chance to snap a selfie with the one and only Sugar.

But Sugar wasn’t just a cute face – he was also known for his friendly demeanor and approachable nature. He was beloved by all who knew him, and he left a lasting impact on everyone he met.

So move over, Hollywood elite – the real stars of the show are the white squirrels of Kenton, each one a shining example of cuteness, charm, and celebrity power. And as for Sugar? He’ll always be remembered as the one and only superstar of his generation.

white squirrel of kenton
white squirrel – not albino (notice the dark eyes)

Go Nuts at the White Squirrel Festival in Kenton, Tennessee

Move over, Coachella – there’s a new festival in town that’s sure to set your heart (and tail) ablaze. We’re talking, of course, about the white squirrel festival in Kenton, Tennessee. This annual celebration is a veritable squirrel palooza, featuring everything from a squirrel-themed parade (complete with squirrel floats and squirrel dancers) to live music, food, and family-friendly activities.

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But the real star of the show, of course, is the white squirrels themselves. Visitors can expect to see these rare and elusive creatures in all their snow-white glory, scurrying through the town’s parks and trees like miniature rock stars. And for those who really want to get up close and personal with these furry superstars, there are even squirrel petting zoos (just be sure to ask permission before trying to give them a hug).

So if you’re looking for a festival that’s truly nuts (pun intended), head on down to Kenton for the white squirrel festival. Just be warned – you may never look at squirrels the same way again.


So whether you’re a lifelong fan of the white squirrel dynasty or a curious newcomer to the world of squirrel superstardom, one thing’s for sure – the white squirrels of Kenton are a rare and beloved population that will continue to inspire wonder, curiosity, and delight for years to come. Move over, Kardashians – there’s a new family in town, and they’re here to stay!

LocationMore Cities with White Squirrel or Albino Populations
Brevard, North CarolinaBrevard is home to a large population of white squirrels and even has an annual White Squirrel Festival to celebrate them. They can be found throughout the town, including in the Brevard College Nature Preserve.
Olney, IllinoisOlney is known for having a thriving white squirrel population, with sightings common throughout the town. The white squirrels can often be spotted in the parks and around the courthouse square.
Marionville, MissouriMarionville has a small but growing population of white squirrels, and the town has embraced them as a symbol of community pride. They can be found throughout the town, including in the City Park.
Exeter, OntarioExeter is home to a unique population of white squirrels that are a rare genetic mutation. They can be found throughout the town, and are a beloved symbol of the community.
Kent, EnglandThe town of Kent in England is home to a population of white squirrels that are believed to have originated from a pair of white squirrels that escaped from a zoo in the 1920s. They can be spotted in the town’s parks and gardens.

Note: This table is not exhaustive and there may be other locations where white, or albino squirrels can be found.

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