Amazing White Tailed Squirrel – 5 Things You Need to Know!

Amazing White Tailed Squirrel – 5 Things You Need to Know!

Have you ever seen a white tailed squirrel before? These little creatures are native to North America. They first appeared in Osage, Iowa. And they are absolutely adorable! These furry little creatures are so friendly and playful; they’re constantly putting on a show for onlookers. This blog post will discuss everything you need about a squirrel with a white tail. We’ll tell you about these fascinating creatures, from their dietary habits to mating rituals.

squirrel with a white tail - fox squirrel with white tail on tree branch
<em>Fox squirrel with a white tail<em>

A Brief History of the White Tailed Squirrel

The white tailed squirrel is a native of North America. It’s believed that this squirrel appeared in the Osage, Iowa area around 300 years ago. They were first mentioned in writing in 1766 by French explorer Pierre-Charles Le Sueur. He described them as “about the size of a rat, with a long and bushy tail.”

Since then, these delightful creatures have become one of the most recognizable animals in the area. They can be found in wooded areas throughout Osage, and they’re especially common near rivers and streams.

Are Squirrels with White Tails Rare?

Indeed, white tails are not the norm in the squirrel world. It is essential to know that this trait is not an indication of health or a sign that they are in any way different from other squirrels. A squirrel with a white tail can be healthy and strong!

There are some reasons why a white tail squirrel may be rare.

  • White tails are only seen in certain parts of the United States and Canada. So if you see one, you’re pretty lucky!
  • White tails can be caused by genetics, diet, and disease.
albino squirrel - squirrel on a brick wall
<em>white squirrel with black eyes not an albino squirrel that has red eyes<em>

What Does It Mean When You See a White Squirrel?

Seeing an albino or all-white squirrel is often associated with bravery, resourcefulness, and the ability to react to changing situations. Since they are so versatile, they symbolize courage and resourcefulness, two attributes especially beneficial in difficult situations.

white tailed squirrel - albino squirrel in tree
<em>Angel an<em> <em>Albino squirrel photo courtesy of catsilvaphotography on Instagram<em>

A white squirrel may symbolize peace and quiet, as well. Seeing one might signify that you are about to confront some challenging issues.

White Tail Squirrel – Diet

White-tail squirrels are mainly herbivores, meaning that they eat mostly plants. They will often eat nuts, berries, and leaves in the wild. However, they are not opposed to the occasional insect or two!

In urban areas like Osage, they often raid bird feeders for sunflower seeds. They’ll also eat just about anything people give them, including bread crumbs, popcorn, and marshmallows!

If you’re lucky enough to see a white tailed squirrel up close, you might notice that they have large front teeth. This is because their diet consists mainly of hard foods like nuts. Their back teeth are much smaller in comparison.

What Do White Tailed Squirrels Do for Fun?

For white tailed squirrels, life is all about play! When they’re not busy eating or looking for food, they love to chase each other around and play tag.

They also love to climb trees and play hide-and-seek. If you’re ever feeling low, watch these little guys. They will surely put a smile on your face.

White Tail Squirrel – Mating Rituals

White-tail squirrels, like any other squirrels, put a lot of effort into finding the perfect mate, even though the squirrels don’t mate for life.

Male squirrels will often put on extravagant displays in an attempt to woo a female. They will chase each other around trees, jump from branch to branch, and even stand on their hind legs to show off their size.

Females usually choose the biggest and strongest male as their mate.

Squirrel With a White Tail – Habitat

A squirrel with a white tail can be found throughout Osage. Have you seen a fox squirrel with a white tail? A fox squirrel with a white tail has been seen in the eastern United States, but they are not common. However, they seem to prefer areas with lots of trees. This is because they spend most of their time in the treetops!

White tailed squirrels will build nests out of sticks and leaves high up in the treetops. These nests are called dreys and provide the perfect place for a squirrel to curl up and nap.

<em>Squirrel drey photo courtesy of sandy grant777 on Instagram<em>


The next time you’re out for a walk in Osage, keep your eyes peeled for a squirrel with a white tail! These fascinating creatures are native to this town and make for a fun sighting. Be sure to share your sightings with us on social media – we love seeing pictures of our furry friends!

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