Do Squirrels Eat Lizards? What They Don’t Want You to Know

Imagine a calm backyard with squirrels running around, looking for nuts and seeds. But as one squirrel pauses, eyeing a sunbathing lizard, an unexpected question emerges from the shadows: Do squirrels eat lizards?

do squirrels eat lizards squirrel ready to pounce

Key Takeaways:

  • What Squirrels Sometimes Eat: Some squirrels eat lizards, but it’s uncommon.
  • Squirrels and Lizards Help Nature: Squirrels help plants grow by burying seeds, and lizards eat lots of bugs.
  • A Garden Puzzle: If squirrels start eating a lot more lizards, it could change how things work in our gardens. We need to learn more about this.
do squirrels eat lizards squirrel ready to pounce

Squirrel Feeding Habits and Diet

While nuts and seeds are undoubtedly the favorites on a squirrel’s menu, their diet is surprisingly diverse. These little critters are not solely herbivores; their culinary tastes can range from fruits and insects to, astonishingly, other small animals!

Lizard Predation by Squirrels: Fact or Fiction?

There have been whispers and even some documented observations suggesting that squirrels might occasionally have a lizard on their plate. However, such instances seem to be more the exception than the rule.

With their swift movements, lizards aren’t the easiest prey, but an injured or unsuspecting lizard might occasionally fall victim.

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Squirrel Feeding Habits: The Versatile Foragers

Squirrels have mastered the art of foraging. Their adaptability is impressive, from raiding bird nests for eggs to sneaking food away from other creatures (including humans).

Their caching behavior, burying nuts, pinecones, and seeds to tap into during lean times, showcases their forward-thinking survival tactics.

Squirrel and Lizard Interaction

In places where lizards and squirrels live together, things are more active. Lizards are more alert because they know squirrels might chase them, and some squirrels have even been seen following the lizards around.

squirrel eating a nut

Squirrel Prey: The Bigger Picture

Sometimes squirrels eat lizards, but they mostly eat plants. We need to study more about how squirrels interact with animals like lizards to really understand what’s going on in our gardens.

What They DoSquirrelsLizards
Help Plants GrowThey bury seeds which grow into plants.Some eat fruits and drop seeds elsewhere.
Control BugsEat certain bugs.Eat lots of bugs, keeping them in check.
Provide Food for OthersAnimals like foxes and birds eat them.Birds and snakes eat them.
Help the SoilDigging makes the ground good for plants.Digging also helps the ground.
Show if Nature is HealthyLots of squirrels can mean a healthy place.Lots of lizards can also mean a healthy place.
Help Break Down WasteLeftover food helps the ground.Their waste is good for the ground too.
squirrel prey
Imagine if a squirrel was a lizard, and a lizard was a squirrel!

Do Squirrels Eat Lizards?

But wait, before you imagine squirrels chomping down on lizards left and right, let’s get the facts straight.

Sure, there’s some chatter (and a few snapshots) of squirrels fancying a lizard snack. Yet, it’s like finding a pineapple pizza in Italy – rare and not the norm. Squirrels mostly stick to their favorites: nuts, seeds, fruits, and the occasional bug.

But here’s a twist! Imagine if our nut-loving friends suddenly craved more lizards. It’s not just a lizard’s bad day; it could shake up our backyard ecosystem. Squirrels help plants grow by spreading seeds, while lizards keep those pesky bugs in check.

So, the final scoop? Although it’s not their favorite menu item, squirrels eat lizards.


Q: Do squirrels eat lizards?

A: While squirrels are omnivorous and have varied diets, lizards are not typically a part of their prey. Squirrels primarily consume nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects.

Q: What do squirrels eat?

A: Squirrels typically eat a wide range of foods, including nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, fungi, and insects. Their diet may vary depending on the seasons and the availability of food sources.

Q: Are there any documented cases of squirrels preying on lizards?

A: There is limited scientific evidence of squirrels preying on lizards. While squirrels have been observed consuming small vertebrates in rare instances, lizards are not a significant part of their diet.

Q: Do squirrels have any specific feeding habits?

A: Squirrels are known for their hoarding behavior, collecting and storing food for future consumption. They have adapted to eating various foods, allowing them to thrive in different environments.

Q: What is the conclusion regarding squirrels eating lizards?

A: Based on current evidence, squirrels do eat lizards, but it is not common. While they are opportunistic feeders, lizards are not a significant part of their diet.

Q: Which squirrels eat lizards?

A study from Spain found that red squirrels sometimes eat a type of lizard called the Iberian rock lizard.

Q: How do squirrels catch these fast lizards?

These red squirrels wait for the lizards to come out in the open and then quickly jump on them. They might go after lizards that are slower or hurt, which are easier to catch.

Q: Is it good or bad for squirrels to eat lizards?

For squirrels, lizards can be a good snack, giving them extra protein. But if they eat too many lizards, it might mess up the balance in nature because lizards help control bugs.

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