The Wonderful World of Squirrel Splooting

Picture this: It’s a sunny afternoon in your local park. The leaves rustle gently in the breeze, and there, in the midst of it all, is a squirrel – the park’s unnoticed daredevil – taking a well-deserved break. But this isn’t your typical squirrel behavior. Instead of darting around or nibbling on a nut, it’s sprawled out, fully embodying the art of relaxation. It’s as if the squirrel is saying, ‘Hey, even daredevils need to chill!’ Welcome to the delightful, heart-melting world of squirrel splooting.

albino squirrel sploot - laying flat in front of a palm tree

If you’re new to this, ‘splooting’ it might sound like something from a sci-fi movie or a typo. But it’s actually a real thing that happens in the animal kingdom, and our fuzzy buddies – the squirrels – are pros at it.

squirrel splooting on concrete wall

What’s the Sploot?

A sploot is a squirrel sprawled out flat on its belly, tiny legs stretched out behind it – a bit like a fluffy pancake with a tail. This pose, often seen in dogs (with corgis being the unofficial champions), is the best version of ‘lying low.’

But it’s not just limited to our furry dog friends at home. Squirrels have adopted this adorable pose, and trust me, they’re giving the corgis a run for their money!

squirrel sploot - laying flat on the ground with legs stretched out

Why are Squirrels Laying Flat?

You might wonder, “Why are squirrels splooting like that? Is this some secret squirrel yoga? As entertaining as that sounds, the reasons for this unique pose are quite simple.

Squirrels, known for their energetic acrobatics, are constantly on the move. So, when it’s time to unwind, they’ve mastered the art of relaxation. This ‘belly-down’ pose helps them stretch out those tiny leg muscles after a hard day of darting around trees.

Also, a squirrel in this spread-eagle position is likely trying to cool down. Squirrels have little body mass to disperse heat, and on hot days, sprawling flat on a cool surface, tree, or roof is the squirrel’s way of enjoying a refreshing break. Much like us savoring an ice cream cone on a summer’s day.

red squirrel splooting in the rain gutter

Spotting the Sploot

If you’re all set to spot a squirrel chilling out, you’re definitely onto something fun. This heartwarming sight is a delightful surprise that could pop up in your backyard or during a stroll around your neighborhood.

But remember, patience is your best friend here. Squirrels, much like celebrities, aren’t always ready for their close-ups. A bit of quiet observation and a dash of luck will eventually reward you with a view of a squirrel in its glorious relaxation pose. Enjoy the show!

albino squirrel sploot - laying flat in front of a palm tree

Splooting Squirrels vs. the World

Is this unique posture exclusive to squirrels? Not at all. As mentioned, corgis are the reigning champions, but other dogs, cats, and even rabbits have been caught in the act. Yet, there’s something about a squirrel in this pose that takes cuteness to another level.

Maybe it’s their fluffy tails, tiny size, or the surprise of seeing a wild creature partaking in such a domestic act of relaxation.

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A Human’s Guide to Embrace the Sploot

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, filled with endless tasks and responsibilities, don’t we sometimes wish we could just ‘sploot’? Like our furry friends, humans also need moments to stretch out, cool down, and enjoy the moment.

Imagine capturing that same sense of relaxation and carefree abandon in your own day. As squirrels sprawl out to cool down and relax, we, too, can find ways to unwind.

splooting squirrel  laying flat on the sand

Our Own Versions of ‘Splooting’

  • Stretching out on a comfortable bed for a few hours in the middle of the day (like a squirrel on a cozy tree branch),
  • Take a refreshing dip in a pool (as a squirrel cools off in a puddle), or
  • Finding a quiet space to focus on work (or a squirrel’s quiet spot in the shade),

There’s always a way to incorporate a little ‘human splooting’ into your day.

You, Too, Can Stretch Out and Sploot!

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The best part? You can do all this without the commitment of a full night’s stay. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a mini ‘daycation’, enjoy some much-needed R&R, and save a bit with a friendly little promo code. After all, who doesn’t love a good find, just like our squirrel friends and their beloved acorns? So stretch out, relax, and enjoy your daycation. You’ve earned it!

squirrel laying float on a hotel bed eating fruits and nuts

The Sploot Significance

So, apart from the undeniable ‘cuteness overload,’ why should we pay attention to this squirrel cooling method? Every behavior, even something as seemingly silly as this, offers us insights into animal habits, physiology, and their interaction with their environment. Who would have thought watching a squirrel sploot could add to our understanding of nature? It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

But let’s be real – we’re mainly here for the awww-factor!

splooting squirrels a squirrel sleeping on a hotel bed

Wrapping Up the Sploot Saga

As we wrap up our journey into the world of squirrel cooling methods, we’ve discovered a delightful blend of adorable postures, natural cooling techniques, and lessons in wildlife observation. This charming quirk deepens our appreciation for these often-overlooked park residents.

So, the next time you see a squirrel stretched out on its belly, remember it’s not just a cute sight or a contender for the ‘Cutest Thing Ever’ title. This spectacle of relaxation and survival strategy is a gentle reminder for us too. It nudges us to find our own ways to relax, recharge, and savor the day.

The secret’s out, folks – it’s high time we took a page from the squirrel’s playbook and embraced our own version of ‘lying low’!


1. What is a splooting squirrel?

A splooting squirrel is an adorable sight to behold. Picture a squirrel sprawled out flat on its belly; tiny legs stretched out behind it – a bit like a fluffy pancake with a tail. It’s the woodland’s equivalent of a yoga enthusiast showing off their best Child’s Pose.

2. Why are squirrels lying down?

Because even squirrels deserve a break! When you see a squirrel lying flat, it’s most likely trying to cool down by spreading out on a cool surface. Either that or it’s had a particularly taxing day of acrobatics and needs to stretch those muscles well.

3. What is it called when squirrels flatten out?

When squirrels flatten out, it’s called ‘splooting. You may have heard it referred to as “pancaking.”

4. Why do animals sploot?

Animals sploot for various reasons, from stretching their muscles to cooling off. But if we’re being honest, we think they might do it just because they know how ridiculously cute it makes them look.

5. Why do they call it splooting?

Great question! ‘Splooting’ is derived from the word ‘splay,’ meaning to spread out or extend. Add a pinch of creativity, a sprinkle of onomatopoeia, and voila – you’ve got yourself ‘splooting.’ It also doesn’t hurt that it sounds a bit like ‘cute,’ which is exactly what it is.

6. Is splooting a pitbull or corgi thing?

While pit bulls can and do sploot, they’re not the only ones. Corgis could probably claim the splooting crown. But in our book, there’s something exceptionally endearing about a pitbull, squirrel, or any critter stretching out for a satisfying sploot. There’s enough room on the throne in the kingdom of cuteness for all splooters!

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  1. I enjoyed the world of squirrel splooting but, never heard of dogs doing it! What little treasures we find when all we have to do is read! That was clever talking about Hotels by Day! Never would have thought it would be interwoven into the story!

  2. Sandy,
    Search “corgis splooting” you’ll see tons of photos! Thank you for taking the time to comment and always being a great supporter of Kitty City Squirrels!

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